Katelynn Nguyen

Class of: 2024

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Why I Chose Northwestern:

When deciding on a college, I made an effort to connect with a lot of other students from many different schools to determine if I could see myself in that school’s environment. From all the different communities I interacted with, Northwestern’s made me feel the most inspired. The students here are studious and passionate, but not to an extent where it’s overwhelmingly competitive; there is a perfect mix of competitiveness and collaboration. Each person I talked to had a goal and a reason, and that inspired me at a time where I felt unsure about a lot of things. This environment of determination and compassion allowed me to choose Northwestern with confidence.

What I plan to do after graduation:

Right now, I’m deciding between pursuing a career in an experimental, lab-based environment or a career in a design and innovation-focused field.