Our Vision

Women investing in women to support their success in college and beyond.

Our Mission

The Woman’s Educational Aid Association provides financial assistance, personal support and mentoring to undergraduate women at Northwestern University. We enable women from economically or socially disadvantaged circumstances to access the full range of educational experiences offered at Northwestern.

How We Carry Out Our Mission


Dedicated Leadership

Former WEAA Scholars, community leaders, and committed partners serve on the WEAA Board of Directors. They dedicate their time and expertise to ensuring the success of our mission and our Scholars. Read more

Inspired Scholars

WEAA Scholars are inspired. As undergraduates, Scholars are driven by their aspirations. In their careers, they excel, inspiring other young women to see a world of possibilities. Read more

Enduring History

For more than 150 years, the WEAA has invested in young women of great promise but limited financial means. Our story is one of unwavering commitment to those women. Read more


Catch up on news of WEAA scholars and alumnae and the impact they make during their years at Northwestern and after. Read more